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Vintage Brooches

Looking for something retro, with an uncommon charm? Look no further; our range of vintage brooches perfectly supports the idea of a unique clasp that gives a different appeal to any outfit. We bring you the finest selection of brooches and offer free shipping with orders over $60 plus guaranteed easy returns and reliable customer support.

Styling with a Vintage Brooch

Vintage brooches can drastically change the style of your outfit without denting your purse. They fit any look and are perfect for any occasion. The combination of textures, colours and styles is what really sets these brooches apart. Pinning it to a modern outfit gives your ensemble a contemporary edge and a style that is a bit more pizzazz. They are a gorgeous way to pull together a more polished look as well and show off a glimpse of your personal flair.

Floral designs are incredibly versatile, but so are vintage brooches. You can always wear it on your shoulder, which is often one of the best spots for placement. But the shoulder certainly isn’t the only position for a brooch. Reinvent your style and make your outfit truly stand out by using a set of fashionable retro brooches in small sizes as cufflinks. How about one on a hat or perhaps between the back straps of your gown for an added subdued sparkle?

Like the famous cameo look, vintage brooches can stand the test of time in terms of beauty and style. They have a way of putting everyone under a spell with their retro yet elegant colours that complement any style. From emerald green to antique brown stones, pearls and diamantes, there’s an endless selection of hues to choose from. For instant, a gold brooch can seal a fancy outfit for a night or add some funky and glam to your jean jacket. Vintage brooches can also be grouped together on a jacket or coat to create a unique brooch cluster that expresses your personality.